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Spectacles and Hearing Aids

Lions clubs collect used spectacles and hearing aids which we sort and transport for use in clinics in Africa.

Saturday mornings are busy with the collection of glasses, roughly 250 pairs each week! and hearing aids which will eventually go to help those in the developing countries with sight and hearing problems. 

Glasses are collected from Maidstone Hospital, Two local branches of Specsavers, Vision Express, Boots Opticians and two independent opticians in Maidstone. Once they are all collected, they are sorted into five boxes. Metal frames, plastic frames, sunglasses, designer frames and, those made of a mixture of materials. After sorting they are taken to local storage before being taken to Chichester Lions club who give them a final sort before sending them on.

2022 November Ron and Jan

Maidstone Lions Club Members Ron and Jan Wilkinson heading off to

Chichester with a car load of Spectacles