MD 105 - Great Britain

During the Second World War, Lions in Ontario, Canada, sent a substantial sum of money to the late Queen Mother then Queen, for the benefit of children who had suffered in the Blitz. As a patron of the "Waifs and Strays" (now the Church of England Children's Society) she donated the money to that society.

After the war Lord Leconfield, the President of the Society visited Toronto to express the gratitude of the Queen to the Lions and was invited to visit Lions Club International Headquarters and he undertook to arrange the formation of a Lions Club on his return to London.

The first two active clubs were formed in Brighton and Tonbridge. The first club to be formed in Scotland was Glasgow in 1953; in Ireland it was Dublin in 1955 and in Wales, Wrexham Club in 1963.

In 1961 District 105 split into two Districts, 105A and 105B making British Isles a Multiple District. Thereafter as more clubs were created and currently MD105 has 8 Districts, with Maidstone Lions being in 105SE.